Vehicle Use


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Authorized Use of Vehicles

"What is the policy governing use of University vehicles?"

Vehicles can be used only for official University business that is within an employee's scope of employment.  Legally, personal use is travel usage not within the employee's scope of employment.


"What does the scope of employment mean?"


The definition of 'scope of employment' contained in the Governmental Tort Claims Act is as follows:

Scope of Employment means performance by an employee acting in good faith within the duties of his office or employment or of tasks lawfully assigned by a competent authority including the operation or use of an agency vehicle or equipment with actual or implied consent of the supervisor of the employee. 


"Can I use a University vehicle to run my children to school or stop by a grocery store; it is on my way to work?"


NO!  You are personally at risk in any personal use situation.  This means that you could be held financially responsible to third parties in the event of an accident.  Our advice is to never use any University vehicle for personal use. 


"Who can lease a University Motor Pool vehicle?"

Any authorized departmental, state, or federal employee who needs a vehicle to conduct official business and who has a valid University account number to charge the billing and a valid US current drivers license. 


"Can a graduate or undergraduate student use a University vehicle?"


Yes, but only for official University business.  Students must be employed by the University and either be given written vehicle checkout authorization on departmental letterhead (signed by the department head) or have a travel authorization card (issued by Transportation Services).  This memo or card will serve as the student's staff identification and must be presented along with a valid driver's license and current student identification card.  The memorandum or authorization card must state when the authorization expires for the student to lease a vehicle.




"How do I make reservations for a vehicle?"


By Fleet Commander,telephone call, e-mail (,requesting a specific type of vehicle on a specific date.  Reservation requests need to include the driver's name, the responsible department, department's telephone number, account FOAP billing information, trip destination and date/time of departure/return.  Regardless of the method of request, the requestor must receive a confirmation numberin order for the reservation to be guaranteed.  Note:  Reservations must be made under a full-time employee's name.


"How far in advance can I make vehicle reservations?"  

Reservations can be made for any time, but limited to one (1) year in advance.

"What types of identification are required when leasing Transportation Services vehicle?" 

A current and valid U.S.A. driver's license and a current University employee picture identification card.

"How do I pay for gasoline when using a Motor Pool vehicle?" 

You will be issued a fuel credit card.  It is in the packet attached to the vehicle key along with instructions on how to use it.  If the fuel credit card doesn't work please call the number on the back of the fuel card. If you have to personally pay for any fuel or service, you must keep the original receipt in order to be reimbursed. Please notify the Motor Pool Transportation Office if a fuel card has been rejected. Please send a note explaining the problem with the attached original receipts required for reimbursement.  All receipts need to show the vehicle number along with the tag number and return  to the Motor Pool Transportation Manager to process your reimbursement.  Reimbursement normally takes four to five days.

Accidents and Citations

"What happens if I get a speeding ticket in a Motor Pool vehicle?" 

The person who received the ticket is responsible for paying it.

"What do I need to do if I'm involved in an accident?" 

Immediately, no matter how insignificant you might feel the accident to be, call the local police or highway patrol for an accident investigation.  An investigation will help to protect you and the University in the event of a liability claim.  Do not make any statements of guilt or innocence and follow the instructions on the accident report form in the vehicle glove box.  Call the University Motor Pool Transportation Office collect and inform the staff about the accident.  If the vehicle is disabled, you can give directions to your location so that another vehicle can be sent to you for trip continuation.  On completion of your trip, you must make an accident report to the Risk Manager.

Cancellations and Vehicle Return

"What happens if I reserve a vehicle and later find out that the meeting date has been changed or canceled?" 

Immediately notify the Motor Pool Transportation office reservation staff of the change or cancellation so that the vehicle can be reserved for another department.  Failure to cancel a reservation will result in a no-cancellation charge of a partial day rental.

 "I went to the Motor Pool to return a vehicle but it was closed.  Now, what do I do?"

The customer should leave the vehicle in the Motor Pool  Transportation parking area and return the key in the key drop box on the side of the building next to the front door. 




"Am I insured if I drive my personal vehicle on official University business?" 

The State of Oklahoma's self-insured liability coverage will respond to claims made against the employee or the University even if they are driving their own vehicle.  This coverage is for liability only.  There is no coverage provided for physical damages to an employee's privately owned vehicle.