Vehicle Use


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Rental Rates 

- Rates include fuel

Vehicle Type

# of Passengers

Per Mile

Min Charge

Cancellation Charge




45.00 (82 mi min)





68.00 (97 mi min)





78.00 (98 mi min)





80.00 (80 mi min)


- Minimum charges are based on a minimum mile amount driven.

  - There is a $20 per day fee for vehicles left in public transportation parking lots (airports, etc.)


Motor Pool vehicles are available to faculty, staff, and students for use on official University travel billed to departmental or student organization accounts. All student drivers require additional departmental and /or Student Activities approval. All drivers must present a valid license in order to secure a vehicle from the Motor Pool.

Daily rental rates include all gasoline and service (except applicable insurance deductibles) within the continental United States. All accidents must be reported immediately or as soon as practical.

RESERVATIONS: Daily rental reservations may be requested by calling 444-2419, or completing a reservation form on the Motor Pool website. In the event the Motor Pool does not have a vehicle available, arrangements will be made with a local rental agency.

LATE RETURNS OR CANCELLATIONS: If a late return is anticipated, contact the Motor Pool dispatcher immediately (444-2419). A late penalty of one additional day charge will be accessed if prior notice of a late return is not given. Cancellations must be made before noon of the day before travel to avoid a minimum charge. Vehicle charges are computed from the time a vehicle is picked up to the time it is returned. The rental day begins and ends at midnight.

OFFICE HOURS: The Motor Pool office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Vehicles may be released during any of these hours. Keys may be picked up in advance of the vehicle if the travel is scheduled to begin at a time Motor Pool personnel are not available.

SMOKING IN VEHICLES: Drivers and passengers are prohibited from smoking in University vehicles. Violations may be subject to discipline and additional clean up charges by the Motor Pool.